Talks over TSV 1860 München leaving the Allianz Arena

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On Wednesday 14 June 2017, a meeting requested by TSV 1860 München was held between representatives of TSV München von 1860 GmbH & Co. KGaA, FC Bayern München AG as sole shareholder in Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH, and Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH itself. The parties were represented by Jan-Christian Dreesen (FC Bayern München AG deputy chairman), Jürgen Muth (Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH managing director) and Markus Fauser (TSV München von 1860 GmbH & Co. KGaA managing director).

The meeting discussed an early termination of the lease agreement between TSV 1860 and the Stadion GmbH on 30.6.2017, reflecting TSV 1860 München's desire to leave the Allianz Arena.

At the end of today's first meeting, the representatives agreed to resume the talks in the coming week.

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