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Bayern have come across the same scene every day when they leave the hotel in Shanghai: crowds of fans stand and cheer their idols. The noise level is almost beyond belief whenever the players move towards them. The enthusiasm of fans in Asia apparently knows no bounds with some of them spending the night in sleeping bags in front of the hotel to make sure they don't miss a thing.

"We've travelled over 2,000 kilometres to get to Shanghai and now we’ve been standing here for six hours," declared Yuan with a broad smile as he spoke to explaining that supporters have travelled here from all parts of the country. We spoke to fans from Sichuan, Ningxia and Yunnan. "It's brilliant to see the players in the flesh. It's really great that they're here," said Victoria.

The euphoria for the German record champions was not just evident at the hotel. There was a lot going on at the Fan Fest ahead of the friendly against Arsenal. Bayern supporters were queueing up to have their photo taken with the Championship Shield and FCB legends. The atmosphere made Shanghai a special experience for Mats Hummels & Co. FCB move on to Shenzhen on Friday and everybody is keen to see how many Bayern fans will be waiting there.

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