Klose: ‘Difficult to walk the streets’

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A lot of fans in Shanghai at this year’s Audi Summer Tour are happy to see that the FC Bayern entourage includes famous legends in addition to the current squad. One of them is Miroslav Klose who regularly drives supporters crazy. The former world class striker enjoys huge support in Asia. with his five goals at the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea and being the record World Cup goalscorer since 2014 with 16 goals,

His four years in the shirt of the German record champions, with 53 goals in 150 matches plus numerous titles, have also contributed to his fame. The 39-year-old is currently enjoying his time in China and, in spite of a packed agenda, he found time to talk to fcbayern.com about his impressions of the tour, memories of his time at FCB as well as former team-mates who are now global stars.

Hello Miro, it's incredible. Whenever you appear on the street the fans start to scream. You have an awful lot of fans in China. Can you move around as you like here?

Klose: "It's very difficult to walk the streets with that sort of attention (he laughs). But I'm happy to have so many fans in Asia.

You've been with FC Bayern in Shanghai for a couple of days now. What are your impressions of the Audi Summer Tour 2017 so far?

Klose: "There's a lot going on and there really are very many fans here. It's a very interesting country. The people here are mad about football. It's great fun. But I hope I can get to see a couple of training sessions."

Do you want to look over Carlo Ancelotti's shoulders to get some tips for your own career as a coach?

Klose: "Definitely. Carlo is a great manager and you can learn a lot from coaches like that. We've already talked to each other."

What other duties do you have on this tour?

Klose: "I’m at several sponsorship events. For example, we were with the board at the consulate on Tuesday. You get to know a lot of interesting people on occasions like that."

How did it come about being here with FCB?

Klose: "I've supposed to have been with the legends more often but unfortunately I've been away a lot and I didn't have the time. I’ve been away with the national team a lot and I've looked after a few youth sides. But this fitted in perfectly and I'm very happy to do it."

How has FC Bayern changed in comparison to the time when you wore the shirt?

Klose: "I've heard the club now has a lot more employees. That shows how much everything has grown. But I see that as positive. I've been in Shanghai before with Lazio (2015 for the Italian Super Cup, ed.) but now there's more going on and everything is better organised here. Beyond that, you can see the level of excitement amongst the fans. It's fantastic."

You played for Bayern from 2007 to 2011. What are your memories of that time?

Klose: "Just positive actually. We won the double twice. But I also had the experience of not always being in the starting eleven. I was often on the bench under van Gaal. In spite of that, I continued to work hard and tried to support the team in being successful even when I didn't play myself. And we were successful during all four years. I learned an awful lot during that time. Not always being picked, not always playing: That was a new situation and I had to come to terms with it."

"Thomas was a really smart player from the start."

Miroslav Klose

Some players you played alongside at Bayern are still in, or have returned to, the team. That's true of the very young Mats Hummels before he moved to Dortmund. What was he like back then?

Klose: "He came straight out of our youth team and then took his first steps as a pro. He's developed incredibly since then."

Could you see back then that he'd take that path and become one of the best defenders in the game?

Klose: "You could see he was a good player but there is a difference between being a good player and being at the top level. But now he's reached that level."

What was the situation with Thomas Müller? You got to know him as a talented youngster.
Klose: "Thomas was a very smart player from the start. He earned the right to play back then. We competed with each other for my position as I mainly played as a number 10 and not a striker under van Gaal. We talked to each other a lot because of that. It was all new to him back then. You could see he was alert and calm in front of goal. I think he's a great player."


You were with Germany at the Confed Cup where you got to know Sebastian Rudy and Niklas Süle. What can Bayern fans look forward to when they're in the team?
Klose: "I think they're both very interesting players. Sebastien is always underrated a bit but that also has its advantages. He doesn't stand out but he’s always in the right spot. He's incredibly good on the ball and has good timing for positional play. He's a very, very good player and joining Bayern is right for him. Niklas is big, strong and yet mobile and quick, which you wouldn't necessarily expect of him. Both will have a lot of competition and they'll have to battle for a place. But they'll get their chances as they're both very good players."

How do you think FC Bayern will do this season?

Klose: "Karl-Heinz Rummenigge recently said FC Bayern always win the double at least after an Asia tour. I hope they can do the same again this year. We'll see. The competition has strengthened but Bayern have also done well."

And what's your future? Will you be at the World Cup next year?
Klose: "First, I'll go on holiday after the tour and I'm really looking forward to it. I've been away a lot recently. Then I'll be doing my coaching badges. I'm doing the A licence and then it's straight off with the national team. We'll get together and talk about everything but I assume I will be in Russia."