Rummenigge: We've achieved all our goals

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Karl-Heinz Rummenigge took time out to discuss a number of matters towards the end of the Audi Summer Tour 2017. He commented on FC Bayern's big trip but also on other topics of interest at the German record champions. has summarised the chairman's most important statements.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on...

…his conclusions from the Audi Summer Tour 2017: "It was probably the best, the most effective and the most beautiful tour FC Bayern have undertaken in the last few years. We've fully achieved all the goals we set ourselves. The tour's motto was Visiting Friends. It means we visit our fans in Asia, our team are up close and personal with the fans, and that we set up economic and political relationships in this important part of the world. That's worked out too. It's been a great trip, a complete success."

… his personal highlight: "In terms of both sport and society the greatest highlight was in Shenzhen, where we presented the new football school for 10,000 students. The school is set to be a pilot project for the whole of China. But I also say: I liked the whole trip."

… his conclusion in terms of sport: "We have the chance to win Singapore's city championship tonight (laughs). The defeat to Milan was undoubtedly severe but let's not forget they contest a Europa League qualification match tonight, they were significantly ahead of us in terms of preparation. Carlo is very pleased with the seven, eight sessions. Everything's worked out wonderfully, everything was wonderfully organised, the pitches too were okay. I have to thank the players too, they've represented the club in a great way."

… appointing the legends: "We've taken Giovane Elber, Hasan Salihamidzic and Miroslav Klose along with us to support and relieve the team with regard to marketing appointments. It was our spontaneous idea to let Miro join us. He did a great job, you could tell how popular he is here. I can very well imagine that we'll want to repeat it if Miro is up for it."

… the integration of the new signings: "The team have treated Coco Tolisso and James incredibly well. You really get to know the characters on a trip like this because you're with them every day. Tolisso is a great guy who fits in very well with us. And then there was this discussion, Müller or James? This tour has demonstrated: Müller and James!"

… Thomas Müller: "We're unanimous: if we could create a Bayern player from scratch Thomas Müller would be the result. He's a relaxed guy who's crucial for us both on and off the pitch. He represents this club like no-one else. If he continues like this we'll have a successful season with him."

… Renato Sanches: "He turned in a superb display against Chelsea. You could tell immediately after the match how happy and satisfied he was that it finally worked. It was a burden for him to a certain extent. It was valauble to see we have a player who can basically do it. In Singapore I had a fairly long talk on what he's thinking. He doesn't want to leave by all means but he wants to play. We share this opinion. He's a young player, 19 years old, and he must play regularly. We have to wait now. At most we'd arrange a one-year loan because we're convinced he has the potential to be a good player for FC Bayern. But we haven't made a final decision."

… the appointment of a new sporting director: "I can't tell you anything new because we have to stick to a certain procedure, meaning that Uli Hoeneß will discuss and eventually decide on it with his colleagues on the supervisory board. But it won't take much longer."

… Juan Bernat's injury: "The coach and I agree that we won't sign a substitute. Marco Friedl is able to play in this position, so we have a good pairing in two Austrians [with David Alaba]."

… the staff's commitment: "We've taken along a staff of almost 100. Everybody's done a superb job. It's another benchmark we've set here. I haven't seen it before at this level of quality."

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