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Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti was pleased on Saturday afternoon as Bayern advanced to the DFB Cup second round after a convincing 5-0 victory in Chemnitz, with Arjen Robben and David Alaba making their comebacks. Robert Lewandowski, who was named man of the match, was satisfied too.

Reaction to Chemnitz v Bayern

Carlo Ancelotti: "I've seen a very good display by my team, they showed the right spirit and attitude. Our opponents made it hard for us with defensive discipline in the first half. We created more chances and made the most of them in the second half."

Robert Lewandowski: "I'm very pleased we prevailed in the first round. It's always important to score the opener and try to play well. It's not always easy, you have to watch out if you don't score. Our opponents were very defensive, we had very little space. The main thing for us was to make it to the next round."

Horst Steffen (Chemnitzer FC coach): "We defended well in the first half, we allowed them very little room but rarely relieved the pressure by going on the attack. Our opponents upped the pace in the second half and played more precisely, every goal made it harder for us. I'd have liked to see us score, it would have made our fans happy. They supported us fantastically."

Kevin Kunz (Chemnitzer FC keeper): "I'm torn. I'm laughing and crying at the same time. I'd have preferred one goal less, five hurt a bit. But we know who we were up against. Of course our focus and fitness faded towards the end. Bayern's quality is unmatched in Germany."

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