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FC Bayern marked the start of the Oktoberfest in style, beating FSV Mainz 4-0 and displaying lots of vigour. "We're very satisfied. We played really well," said Robert Lewandowski, who bagged a brace against the men from Rhineland-Palatinate. Carlo Ancelotti and Thomas Müller were pleased too.

Reaction to Bayern v Mainz

Carlo Ancelotti: "We played well, very intensely. Our four forwards set up fine passing combinations and moved well, so we were able to play vertically, creating more danger. We were well-organised in defence and allowed hardly any chances."

Thomas Müller: "We had ambitious goals of course. There was room for improvement in our last few matches. In today's match we managed to put our plan into practice, we played a tad more as a team. And we were keen to lay down a marker. Our body language was 100 percent right today, now we have to try to use the momentum and the vigour in our next matches."

Robert Lewandowski: "We're very satisfied. We played really well, controlled the match from the first minute and scored four goals. Everything we had planned worked out. When we play with this flexibility any team would struggle to keep up with us."

Sandro Schwarz (FSV Mainz coach): "We encountered Bayern at the wrong time. Bayern played with lots of verve, and we were lucky the scoreline wasn't higher. We had the right attitude but we didn't finish our moves. Many things have to come together if we want to come away with anything from Munich. But it's normal to lose a match away to Bayern."

Stefan Bell (FSV Mainz captain): "A bad result. The goals came too early in the first half, as did the third in the second half. The game was basically over then, you have to make sure you save face then. When it comes to matches against Bayern you have to expect a result like this. We had no chance today."

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