Members' club impresses with titles and finances

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The FC Bayern München AG group had a successful 2016/17 fiscal year, and so did the members' club, FC Bayern München eV. The officials received deserved applause from the members present after the club announced both impressive financial results and numerous titles and successes in sport.

Deputy vice-president Prof Dr Dieter Mayer announced a surplus of more than €12 million in the 2016/17 fiscal year: €12,000,993 from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017; previous year: €10.58 million. The equity capital rose from €92.319 million to €104,320,757 million. "The result is impressive. The equity ratio is at an imposing 70 percent," commented Mayer. The figure of 290,000 members compared to last year's 284,041 confirms FC Bayern's position as the world's biggest sports club.

Record dividend and a new source of income

As usual the club's main sources of revneue were membership dues (almost €12 million) and a record divident payout of €12.375 million (previous year: €5.625 million) by FC Bayern München AG. Mayer announced another source of income for the current fiscal year. The members' club is currently negotiating with FC Bayern München AG for those parts of the FC Bayern Campus used by the AG group, including the club house, the pitch and the academy. "We expect a lease income of the order of €2.5 million per annum," said Mayer: "I can assure you our club will be thriving in the years to come too."

From an FC Bayern Basketball's point of view, Mayer called the previous season "satisfying in terms of sport and very satisfying in terms of finances." The basketballers were eliminated in the semi-finals of the championship play-offs by Bamberg, who went on to seal the title. FCBB look back on an annual surplus of more than €30,000. "Just as in previous years, it was possible to finance all business operations solely by the cash flow. Our basketball company is based on absolutely solid ground," according to Mayer.


Amateur sections 'exemplary ambassadors'

Deputy vice-president Walter Mennekes reported on the Bayern Basketball youth section. "The 2016/17 season was the most successful of all time," he said in view of the championship titles for the U-14s and U-19s. Mennekes was pleased with the successes in FC Bayern's other amateur sections too (referees, veterans' football, sports skittles, table tennis, handball, chess). The amateur sportspeople are "exemplary ambassadors of our FC Bayern" week after week, according to Mennekes.

The veteran footballers alone sealed 18 titles last season! The E-veterans' German championship title was the climax. The chess players avoided relegation in the Bundesliga, comprising a total of 13 active teams: "More than ever before," a proud Mennekes declared. The table tennis section is coming along promisingly too. 18 teams are active, and the kids and youth academy has expanded. "Something's growing there." Mennekes concluded: "Professional and amateur sport belong together. They can't exist separately. Both fit FC Bayern perfectly."

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