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The Bavarians dominated proceedings in the 3-0 victory over FC Augsburg, reflected in a 74 percent possession stat. Jupp Heynckes was pleased after the final whistle. "We turned in an outstanding display after 20, 25 minutes," the 72-year-old said in praise of his team: "We had a very good attitude from the off, we were very focused and patient," the Bayern head coach continued.

Reaction to Bayern v Augsburg

Jupp Heynckes: "It was an important victory. Augsburg have had a good Bundesliga campaign so far. They're well-organised and have a clear plan. We had a very good attitude from the off, we were very focused and patient today. It was difficult at the beginning because our opponents were very robust. But we constantly improved and turned in an outstanding display after 20, 25 minutes. We let the ball do the work after the break, we controlled the match with our positional play. That was very good."

Robert Lewandowski: "Augsburg were very defensive, with a back five. We didn't make the right moves up front at the beginning, but we just have to be patient, we'll have our chances. It was easier after the opener."

Manuel Baum (FC Augsburg coach): "We turned in a decent display at the beginning, we allowed them very few chances. Of course we'd expected to achieve more up front. It was important to try and defend well over 90 minutes. We did a fairly good job until the end, but at the end of the day FC Bayern were deserved winners."

Philipp Max (FC Augsburg): "The first two goals were unnecessary, and it was difficult after that. I'm still satisfied with the first half. We conceded a third directly after the break, you get tired physically and mentally after that."

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