FC Bayern to introduce reusable drinks containers in 2018

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FC Bayern will introduce a reusable drinks container system at the Allianz Arena in the 2018/19 season as a result of close cooperation with the Bavarian environment department.

A first test run will be carried out in the Bundesliga home match against Hannover 96 on Saturday. Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH and gastronomic partner Do&Co are developing new procedures for the dispensing and return of cups and the introduction of a deposit system.

The goals of the new system are waste avoidance and more efficient use of energy ressources.

"We've discussed a reusable container solution for the Allianz Arena for a long time," declared FC Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. "But it is only now that we're sole shareholder of the arena that we have the improved logistical capacities you need to introduce reusable cups and a deposit system. Environment protection is an important issue, and FC Bayern aim to do their part. I'd like to thank the Bavarian environment department headed by minister Ulrike Scharf for competent advice and support."

FC Bayern has been a member of the Bavarian Climate Alliance since November 2015. Along with Bund Naturschutz (Friends of the Earth Germany) the Bavarian state government founded the Climate Alliance more than ten years ago. The current total of 41 partners of the environmental alliance aim to help reduce Bavaria's annual greenhouse gas emissions to less than two tonnes per person per year until 2050.

The installation of a new LED façade  at the Allianz Arena in 2015 led to a reduction of energy consumption by almost 40 percent.

Bavarian environment minister Ulrike Scharf declared: "FC Bayern is a role model both on and off the pitch. The introduction of reusable cups is a result of an ideal team effort between FC Bayern München and the Bavarian environment department. This is a major step in the fight against mountains of waste. The Allianz Arena is becoming a beacon for energy efficiency and resource conservation, where the motto will be: a home match for climate protection. Football fascinates people. Together, we want to carry over the emotions to environment protection."

From the start, the Allianz Arena was planned in consideration of the fact that a year of operations includes more than 300 non-matchdays. "We're certainly an ecological match-winnter in terms of lighting," said Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH CEO Jürgen Muth: "The LED technology we use reduces energy consumption significantly, and the rapid progress in the lighting market allows us to hope for more. Besides, we've considerably reduced our energy demand by the optimisation of illumination times and the extensive use of motion detectors."

In 2006 Munich was the only German World Cup venue with a new stadium, which has resulted in advantages over older property. Based on environmentally sound architecture and the use of cutting-edge technology, the Allianz Arena has become a sports venue that sets benchmarks on a national and international level. The use of new digital technology not only improves the vistior experience but also promotes and enhances the environmental focus.

A new car park at the Allianz Arena is scheduled to open in 2019. A photovoltaic system on the roof will supply the car park with energy. Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH also has concrete plans regarding electric mobility.

"Since 2006 the Allianz Arena has been audited under the terms of the strictest guidelines in Europe, EMAS, on a yearly basis," said Allianz Arena CEO Jürgen Muth. "Before the introduction of reusable cups we commissioned the environmental institute Intechnica to examine our stadium in a site-specific way. The report was unanimous in recommending the introduction of reusable cups. But let me mention that we also ensured full compostability of the disposable cups beforehand. As operators, we first focused on service. It will be a challenge to keep up the pace regarding the dispensing of beverages and return of cups including the refund of the deposit. Both we and the visitors will have to get used to it. But that's what we all want: to protect the environment even better. I view it as a joint effort in which we all have to engage even more."

Key Facts

  • FC Bayern München will introduce a reusable drinks container system at the Allianz Arena by the summer of 2018.
  • The Bavarian environment department headed by minister Ulrike Scharf is FC Bayern's partner for the introduction of a reusable cup solution.
  • Reusable drinking cups will be available for a deposit of €2, to be refunded upon return.
  • A reusable cup solution avoids waste and leads to a more efficient use of energy resources.
  • First test run for the reusable cup system: the Bundesliga home match against Hannover on 2 December.
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