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The last victory of the year was hard-fought. Bayern dominated proceedings for long spells in the 2-1 DFB Cup victory over Borussia Dortmund but had to run down the clock in the closing stages. "We had to invest an incredible lot in the first half, we had to run a lot," analysed Jupp Heynckes after the final whistle. "We allowed Dortmund to attack," said Thomas Müller. But "at the end of the day only the victory counts," the captain put it in a nutshell.

Reaction to Bayern v Dortmund

Jupp Heynckes: "Taken altogether it was a highly deserved victory. We could have settled the issue calmly had Thomas Müller made it three. We had to invest an incredible lot in the first half, we had run a lot. If you run so hard you have to make it count. We failed to do it, so we were under pressure against a good team in the closing stages, and we certainly had a bit of luck. At the moment our weakness is that we don't take our chances."

Thomas Müller: "I'm unhappy with the second half, we were too passive then. But it's not easy psychologically when you're two goals up. You tend to take a step back then. We allowed Dortmund to attack and almost conceded the equaliser. At the end of the day only the victory counts. We worked a lot, but we have to talk about the way we did. Nevertheless, we'll celebrate and go into the winter break."

Peter Stöger (Borussia Dortmund coach): "I think it was a deserved victory for Bayern. We hardly put into practice what we had planned, especially in the first half. Little passion, very bad accuracy, bad tackles and no courage. The second half was considerably better, we got a grip on the match then. I saw a reaction, which was important for us. With a little more luck we could have taken it into extra-time with the last chance. But taken altogether it was a deserved defeat."

Marcel Schmelzer (Dortmund captain): "In the first half we got off lightly going two down. That's completely unacceptable. We showed a reaction after the break."

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