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Besiktas' stadium is near the FC Bayern team hotel right on the shores of the Bosphorus. On Tuesday evening, around 24 hours before the Champions League last sixteen second leg, the Bavarians made their first visit to the arena, which was inaugurated two years ago. Jupp Heynckes and Thomas Müller answered numerous questions at the press conference before the final training session.

Jupp Heynckes on...

...the 5-0 victory and Bayern's advantage: "I have many experienced players in my team. You always have to approach the match with maximum concentration, no matter how big your advantage. You must always want to win the match, regardless of the first leg. My players are professional enough for that."

...the expected cauldron-like atmosphere: "It's very important to play in a good atmosphere. The fans are part of it. I know passionate fans will be here tomorrow, they'll spur their team on. I really like that. Football would be unemotional without fans and loud support. We're all looking forward to the match."

...possible rotation against Besiktas: "We have 20 absolutely top players, and I trust all of them. There's no preferred line-up. It varies. But of course I won't act against my conviction that we need a good balance between defence and attack in the team. That'll be the case tomorrow too."

...Arjen Robben's absence: "He could have played tomorrow if we'd absolutely needed him, but I'm very cautious in that regard. There's no point if he sustains a muscle injury."

...the risk of suspensions for the quarter-finals: "I point that out to my players in the most extreme way. Five players were at risk in the 2013 semi-final against Barcelona, and nobody saw a yellow card. The players have to be very disciplined, they mustn't let their opponents provoke them. I won't rest players because of two bookings."

...room for improvement: "I know from experience what's needed in the Champions League. We're dominating the Bundesliga, we have an enormous advantage. We still approach all our matches very carefully, we work very hard during the week. But there are still things you can perfect so you're prepared when you encounter absolutely top opponents – I hope we'll go through tomorrow. My players are anxious to put the things we work on into practice. But they're processes, they take time, they aren't complete."

Thomas Müller on...

...the match away to Besiktas: "It's special for us. The stadium's reputation precedes it. We're looking forward to the atmosphere, we want to turn in a good display. We're preparing for the match as if we had to start from scratch. We want to show from the off there can be no hope [for Besiktas]. We want to be bold and pick up where we left off in the first leg, even if scoring as many goals again isn't realistic."

...room for improvement: "I know what the coach means. It's about efficiency in every respect. We'll only be able to see progress once we face a bigger hurdle, the matches where our opponents really challenge us. That's when we have to be more careful than in other matches."

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