'You can't feel your feet'

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Hats and scarves have been essential wear for Bayern during training this week. With temperatures almost in minus double figures, the players are doing all they can to keep warm. If you were to watch the session, you’d have trouble picking them out. Arturo Vidal, for example, has wrapped himself up so much that you can sometimes only see his eyes. “It’s crazy, it’s hard to train,” he said.

The Chilean has known the German weather for a long time but he still hasn’t fully acclimatised to it. “You can’t feel your feet. Everything’s a bit more difficult,” continued the 30-year-old. But if you think that the cold might be making the midfield engine hold back, then think again. “That’s just the way it is. We still have to give 100 per cent on the field,” said a defiant Vidal.

It’s purely training for Bayern this week and next before they return to midweek action the following week. And the Reds want to use the two weeks to lay foundations. “We can work hard and fully focus together during these two weeks, preparing ourselves for the final two months of the season,” Vidal explained, although he admitted: “In some ways I’d rather play every three days, it’s more exciting.”

But even if the tough-tackler prefers competitive action, training does have one definite advantage. “Luckily I can cover almost my whole body and face during training, which I can’t do in games,” he smirked. The forecasters have good news for Vidal, though, as temperatures are set to rise in the coming days. We’ll then be able to see Vidal and his teammates in all their splendour on the training field once again.

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