Heynckes: We fought outstandingly well

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FC Bayern are one of the four best teams in Europe, advancing to the Champions League semi-finals 2-1 on aggregate after a goalless draw. fcbayern.com has compiled the statements after the match against battling Sevilla.

Reaction to Bayern v Sevilla

Jupp Heynckes: "It's clear your opponents try everything to overturn a 2-1 deficit. Sevilla scored two goals away to Manchester, so they were confident. These are tight matches where you have to put up a real fight and act as a team. My team fought outstandingly well. Apart from a few moments we weren't knocked out of our stride, we didn't get nervous. I liked our positional play in the second half, we let the ball do the work. Unfortunately we failed to take our chances. You can't always play brilliantly, you can't always overwhelm your opponents. I'm very satisfied, partly because we kept a clean sheet. I told my team how important it is, and it was enough today."

Thomas Müller: "We were aware of the situation and wanted to play as we did in the last 20 minutes of the first half, but there were many moments when the final pass wasn't so good. It wasn't about attacking relentlessly. Heynckes said so after all. It's annoying we didn't score, we had chances and space."

Arjen Robben: "It was dangerous as expected today. Sevilla are a very good team, you could see that, especially Banega, he was their outstanding man. We didn't really get a grip in the first half, but we had many chances to score. We played better in the second half. It's the Champions League, everything has to work out. We had to keep a clean sheet, and we managed. You always need to turn in a top display in the Champions League."

Joshua Kimmich: "Of course we knew Sevilla needed two goals to advance. You mainly want to keep a clean sheet so you know you go through. But we were much too passive, especially in the first half, but we had the better chances. Unfortunately we didn't finish our counters, so we were a bit on tenterhooks until the end. If I'm honest I wasn't too worried it might go wrong."

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