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Bayern gave it everything on Tuesday night but were eliminated by holders Real Madrid at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu in the Champions League semi-final return leg. Only one goal was missing for a ticket to the final in Kyiv. "We gave it everything. So much more was possible," Thomas Müller said after the final whistle. Coach Jupp Heynckes commented: "We would have deserved to advance to the final."

Reaction to Madrid v Bayern

Jupp Heynckes: "We're very disappointed of course. My team turned in an outstanding display today. I just told my team I haven't seen FC Bayern play so well over the last few years as at the Bernabéu today. But we handed out presents both in the first leg and today. You mustn't do that at this high level, you get punished for it and you shouldn't be surprised if you don't win. We created numerous chances again, but Navas was outstanding, he was Madrid's best player today. We lacked the focus you need in front of goal, maybe because of our high pace. If you take both encounters into account we were the better team. We would have deserved to advance to the final."

Thomas Müller: "It was an incredible match. We gave it everything. If felt great, it was really fun, the stadium was a cauldron. But it wasn't to be, partly we have ourselves to blame, partly we were out of luck. We gifted away a goal, you mustn't allow that to happen twice in semi-final ties like this one. But it was still possible. We lacked the bit of luck you need. We don't have to be ashamed, but it really hurts that we've missed out on this superb opportunity. So much more was possible. We'll need a few days to recover from it."

Mats Hummels: "It really hurts. We created many situations where there was utter chaos in Real's box. We scored two goals but at the end of the day one or two were missing. Real didn't play their best game but made fewer grave mistakes. Taken altogether we gifted away two goals in two matches. We were still dominant in both matches, we had countless chances but failed to take them. We displayed an awesome mentality but the awesome fight isn't worth anything now. You must take the big chances if you want to clinch titles. If you take into account that we played without Neuer, Vidal, Boateng, Robben and Coman it's fair to say we'll be dangerous opponents for anyone next season."

David Alaba: "We know we turned in a good display, but at the end of the day it wasn't enough, and we're very, very disappointed. More would have been possible. We would have deserved to make it to the final, but our commitment and team spirit went unrewarded. It's extremely bitter."

Niklas Süle: "We're all very disappointed. It's very, very annoying that we've been knocked out. Real handed out a number of presents but we failed to make the most of them. You get punished immediately at this level. We could have done better."

Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid): "Bayern played outstandingly well, they've been very strong for many years. They gave it everything. Both teams suffered, the fans supported us superbly. At the end of the day it's the result that counts. We can be confident ahead of the final."

Toni Kroos (Real Madrid): "Bayern were extremely dangerous again. They turned in two very good displays, we struggled a lot in both matches. But ultimately we've gone through and that's what counts. We exploited Bayern's mistakes mercilessly. Games like this one are the reason why you become a footballer."

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