'Want to play my first games for Bayern out there'

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In the first week of the pre-season, Serge Gnabry had to work alone on his comeback following a muscle injury picked up in April. Since the 23-year-old returned to full training, he has shown what he can do: high tempo, close control and he knows where the goal is. The Stuttgart-born player can hardly wait for the new season and he is full of anticipation ahead of the Audi Summer Tour 2018 to the USA (23 – 30 July). fcbayern.com spoke to Gnabry about the impending trip and his soft spot for the States.

Interview with Serge Gnabry

After a season at Hoffenheim, you've really found your feet at FC Bayern. What can the fans expect of Serge Gnabry in the coming campaign?
"Lots. Lots that even I don't know about yet. I'm trying to improve every day and put in 100 per cent. I hope I can help the team and FC Bayern. I hope we’ll have a good time together."

You returned to full training after your muscle injury on 10 July. How did that feel?
Serge Gnabry:
"Very good. It was great fun to finally be back on the pitch with the lads instead of having to work on my own. I've been in Munich since the middle of May and I spent the whole of June training on my own. You work really hard the whole time and there's nobody around. Now it's much more fun again. I've finally rediscovered the team spirit I was really missing."

You're back in full training now. So I suppose there's a good chance you can play in both of the matches on the Audi Summer Tour in the USA against Juventus and Manchester City?
Gnabry: "I hope I can stay fit until then. It's up to the coach whether or not I play but, of course, I'm hoping to get time on the pitch. I want to play my first games for Bayern out there."


You obviously like the USA, don't you?
"Yes, I was there on holiday in the summer in Los Angeles. It's really cool out there and I like the lifestyle. It's always completely different from Germany. That's why I'm looking forward to the tour very much."

The weather in Miami could suit you too…
Gnabry: "Yes, it's definitely a place where I could see myself living in the future (he laughs)."

You're a big basketball fan. Where does that come from?
"I really like basketball. I’ve followed the NBA for years. My cousin started it and then he got me involved hook, line and sinker."

You can see good basketball in Munich. Have you thought about watching games at the Audi Dome?
"I'm definitely up for that. We're already looking forward to it. They play really well and are the reigning champions and cup winners.”

These days you celebrate scoring like a very famous basketball player. How did that come about?
"I looked at how James Harden celebrated. In the night before one of our away games, Harden came up trumps and I spoke to a mate before our game. He said I definitely had to do that celebration if I scored. It all worked out and since then that's my signature move."

What are you expecting from the US tour?
"I'll definitely have a good time even though we'll have to train hard. We can come together and develop as a team. I'm looking forward to seeing the fans who live there as they are actually a long way away from us. It gives us the chance to be nearer them for once. It will definitely be a brilliant feeling. Also, we've got two good matches against two great teams."

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