Training with the ball to round off the week

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Saturday morning's training session began with applause, not because it was the last session of the week but because Serge Gnabry turned 23 on Saturday. Besides the applause, the team presented him with a serenade, whereas Niko Kovac had prepared a fun training session.

The session consisted of shots and a long practice match – needless to say, with a short sprint exercise in between. But the 100-minute session was by no means less intense. The players gave it everything during the practice match, displaying a lot of commitment and high pace, a penalty call was followed by discussions.

The Bavarians have some time to rest now, the next training session will be on Tuesday. Two weeks of demanding preparation are over for Gnabry & Co, with four more weeks to go. The Bavarians are in for a lot of work before the first competitive fixture, the Supercup final against Eintracht Frankfurt on 12 August.