Bayern training both body and mind

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The countdown is on with just three days to go until the start of the new Bundesliga season. On Tuesday Bayern began their final preparations for Friday’s opening game against Hoffenheim. The excitement is huge and to begin the session the team had a little song for Robert Lewandowski to mark his 30th birthday. However, after that the reins were quickly tightened.

Away from the prying eye of the public, Niko Kovac pushed his team hard once again. Sprints, stability and strength exercises with medicine balls and bar bells was just the first half of the session. After that it was finally time to turn to football and work on some tactical features.

Included in the session was David Alaba, who has finally returned to team training after bruising his knee in the Supercup. After almost two hours of hard work he was allowed to return to the changing room, but that did not mean the end of his day’s work.

The Bundesliga’s FIFA listed referee Dr. Felix Brych was present to talk to the team as part of an annual pre-season meeting where he discusses the rules and what referees will be particularly looking at during the coming season. The 42-year-old used video examples to demonstrate to the players certain incidents involving VAR and hand balls. The Bayern team were therefore training both their bodies and minds to make sure they are best prepared for Friday. Kick-off is drawing ever closer…