Rummenigge on the Bundesliga opener, Coman and VAR

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icon talked to FC Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on the day after the successful Bundesliga restart against TSG Hoffenheim.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge interviewed Mr Rummenigge, a victory for FC Bayern in the Bundesliga restart fixture. What's your assessment of the match?
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: "Our team turned in an outstanding display in the first 45 minutes, our lead at half-time was fully deserved. However, our impetus ebbed away a bit when Kingsley Coman was fouled. You could tell our players were a bit shocked by the brutal foul. But at the end of the day our victory was fully deserved. We were the better and more active team over 90 minutes." How is Kingsley Coman?
Rummenigge: "As you can imagine he was in great pain. He has to undergo syndesmosis surgery tomorrow and will be sidelined for a considerable period. We all wish him a quick and good recovery, he has our total support." Hoffenheim coach Julian Nagelsmann had talked about the championship as the goal this season.
Rummenigge: "Basically I like a confident approach, and we're all interested in an exciting Bundesliga. Football is emotional, excitement is crucial. It's in our interest it stays like that. But if the rallying cries issued by Hoffenheim director Alexander Rosen and Julian Nagelsmann were the reason why their team roughed up our players like they did yesterday, it has nothing to do with fair play any more." Do you have specific situations in mind?
Rummenigge: "Hoffenheim players committed brutal fouls, especially in the first half. Thiago, Coman and Franck Ribéry got fouled permanently to thwart our play. It was Wild West-style football. If as a result the best player on the pitch has to be subbed off with a severe injury, I can only say: The end does not justify the means, in no way at all. Overdoing the rough stuff has nothing to do with courage." The VAR too was widely discussed after the match.
Rummenigge: "Basically I'm a great advocate of the VAR, it makes the game fairer. However, I think the German FA should establish professional structures in terms of the implementation. Two years of work have gone into this and it still isn't functioning as smoothly as desired. It leads to debate and public criticism again and again. The referees are let down." What would you suggest?
Rummenigge: "We have to provide a remedy as soon as possible, we should install a task force that ensures professionalism. Professional football and experts must be on board. We saw at the World Cup in Russia how the VAR system can be applied well." Bastian Schweinsteiger's farewell match against his current club Chicago Fire is on Tuesday…
Rummenigge: "We're all really looking forward to the match. Bastian is one of the most important and great players in FC Bayern's history, and he's deservedly very popular with the fans. I'm sure we'll see a very emtional farewell. Everyone's looking forward to the match."

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