FC Bayern pass one billion views on Giphy

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Hats off to FC Bayern as they remain top of the pile both on the pitch and on social media. The goals of Robert Lewandowski, Franck Ribery & Co. are the reason for the former, while the record champions’ collection of over 1,500 GIFs has played its part in the latter. FCB are now the first sports club ever to break the one billion mark for views on Giphy, leaving international opponents in their digital dust.


Bayern became the first football club in the world to get involved with the platforms Giphy and Tenor back in November 2016, and since then have been using winking Alabas, kissing Robbens or dancing Müllers to great effect on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

GIFs add great value to FCB’s posts as they’re universally applicable and language neutral like emojis. The record champions will continue to produce exclusive content with its top stars and make that available to fans throughout the world.

But simply take a look yourself at the vast collection, you’ll definitely find a GIF for you the  FC Bayern Giphy page.

FC Bayern’s top 3 GIFs: