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FC Bayern have posted nearly 10,000 times on Instagram since May 2013, and the top priority is always fans first! In order to better understand and meet the wants and demands of their near 14 million followers on Instagram, the record German champions carried out a survey. The questions were put in German, English and Spanish with the aim of gathering the opinion of as many users as possible, and that paid off as over 6,000 surveys were completed. Many thanks to all those who took part!

In the ranking of posts on FC Bayern’s Instagram page, funny memes and videos were particularly well received. In general, the club’s content was most often described as cool, funny, interesting or varied, which goes along with the very positive feedback on FCB’s Instagram activity. Another very important parameter for Bayern was what fans would like to see more of in the future.

Here it emerged that fans see Instagram (and particularly Instagram Story) as a chance to be more involved in the day-to-day activity of their stars. Therefore closeness to the players and the view through the keyhole, i.e. the portrayal of situations not accessible to the public, were top of the list. At the same time, the fans want to continue being entertained and want even more fun content. Alongside the content, followers were also asked about the frequency of posts and the optimum length for Stories on matchdays and non-matchdays. Fans are happy with the current rate of 1-3 posts per day but they want significantly more content on matchdays than on a normal day. Another interesting finding was the most popular players on Bayern’s Instagram channel – James led the way here, followed by Thomas Müller and Manuel Neuer. These preferences were also divided according to age groups.


Of course, these are just some excerpts from the survey – the whole thing covered over 20 topics, from content-related to demographic questions. For the social media department, the results provide a great opportunity to make the content even more fan-orientated and to continue practicing the motto: fans first!

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