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FC Bayern stayed on track on Saturday, sealing their third victory in a row. "I'm pleased the team created chances and scored the match-winner," said Niko Kovac after the 2-1 victory over FSV Mainz. "Mainz often make life difficult for you at home, you saw that today," analysed Thomas Müller, who added: "We can live with the result."

Reaction to Mainz v Bayern

Niko Kovac: "I wasn't nervous after the equaliser, but I was annoyed because we didn't put into practice what we had discussed at half-time. We were asleep during a cross and got ourselves into trouble. But I'm pleased the team created chances and scored the match-winner." Thomas Müller: "Mainz often make life difficult for you at home, you saw that today. We still had considerably more chances. We can live with the result. It's not as if the league and the matches were walkovers for us at the moment. But we were dominant and should have extended the lead in the first half. After the break we were asleep during a throw-in but we bounced back well. We wanted to win here by more than just one goal, but we're not in a position to complain about victories at the moment." Stefan Bell (FSV Mainz captain): "We weren't without a chance. Bayern had more possession but we had the ball too. It was okay today." Danny Latza (Mainz midfielder): "We wanted to defend well and did so for long spells. But we have to accept the defeat. We started well after half-time and scored the equaliser, which motivated us even more. We had to defend more after Bayern's second goal. Of course it would have been good to take something away today, but you can't expect it in a match against Bayern."

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