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FC Bayern beat SV Rödinghausen 2-1 on Tuesday, advancing to the DFB Cup last sixteen. The Bavarians were dissatisfied with their conversion of chances despite the deserved victory. "We made life difficult for ourselves. We had the chances but didn't take them," commented coach Niko Kovac. "We've advanced. Put it behind us and move on," summarised scorer Thomas Müller.

Reaction to Rödinghausen v Bayern

Niko Kovac: "We've advanced, which is what we wanted. We did a good job until the second penalty. We let the ball do the work before that. We extended our lead and should have made it three, perhaps even four. But then the tide turned. We encouraged our opponents, we didn't play as we had planned. They pulled one back after the break and we were on tenterhooks towards the end. We made life difficult for ourselves. We had the chances but didn't take them. We have to talk about our conversion. Thiago is in pain, but let's wait for the examinations in Munich tomorrow."

Thomas Müller: "We've advanced, everybody knows how we did it. Every player has to think about it. Our performance in the first 25 minutes was good but we eased off after the missed penalty. That isn't our ambition. After the break and the goal we conceded we were nervous, our passes weren't accurate enough. That mustn't happen. Put it behind us and move on. But of course we must talk about it."

Enrico Maaßen (SV Rödinghausen coach): "I'm very, very proud, especially in light of the two early goals. We wanted to win the second half and achieved it. We can be proud. Unfortunately we conceded both goals from set-pieces. It's annoying because we defended well from open play. We knew set-pieces would be dangerous. A huge compliment on the performance, we scored a goal, which was one of our aims. We fought for the result. Hats off to my team."

Linus Meyer (SV Rödinghausen: "We wanted to be bold after half-time, but what Bayern did was very strong of course. But we too turned in a good display. We believed in it until the last minute."

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