Lewandowski: Sometimes you have to press the stop button

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The Bavarians are looking forward to their well-earned holiday and Christmas after a hard first half of the season. Robert Lewandowski enjoys time with his family in Poland. The striker revealed details about how he spends Christmas and talked about his childhood memories and what has changed since he became a dad.

Robert Lewandowski interviewed

Christmas is almost here. How will you celebrate?
Robert Lewandowski:
The whole family meet for two or three days in Poland. My family, my mother, my wife's family, my sister's family. About 15 persons. We decide where we meet every year. My wife prepares everything. The time is very important to me because I haven't lived in Poland for a long time, I don't return home often. I enjoy every second with my family.

What are your childhood memories of Christmas?
It was always a time when everybody got together in a festive mood. My mother always prepared 12 dishes, a tradition in Poland. Soup, meat, fish, dessert... however, I didn't eat much when I was a boy. I was very picky, I didn't like many things on the table. I often ate only two or three things, simple things like cheese and ham. Fortunately it's completely different today. (laughing) We would also go to the church at 11 or midnight. I'd go to bed after that.

And how did you hand out the presents?
When we sat together at the table in the evening the presents were already under the tree. Then we ate, taking our time. We children had to be patient. (chuckling) At some point our parents would say: Now! Then we all sat down on the sofa, and we kids started.

You're a dad yourself now. How has Christmas changed for you?
The more mature you are, the better you understand how important it is to spend time with the family. To see everybody again, to talk, to celebrate and enjoy the time. Everything's going very fast in the world today, and sometimes you have to press the stop button. Christmas is something very special.

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