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On the occasion of the upcoming UEFA Champions League top match featuring Bayern Munich vs. Liverpool on 13 March 2019, we would like to once more draw your attention to the unauthorised ticket trade and its consequences and wish to comprehensively inform fans and ticket holders. 

The commercial and profit-oriented resale of tickets in particular is forbidden by the general trading conditions of the FC Bayern München AG for ticket acquisition (ATGB) and will be pursued through the civil courts with a liability to pay the costs of formal cautions. However, any other public offer or sale of tickets also constitutes a violation of the ATGB and is therefore unlawful. In order to be able to act against the unauthorised ticket trade as comprehensively as possible, the FC Bayern München AG has, since the 2016/2017 season been cooperating with the law firm Lentze Stopper from Munich, which, on behalf of the FC Bayern München AG, is taking legal action against commercial ticket traders and other ticket resellers by means of warnings, criminal charges and legal proceedings. In addition, FC Bayern Munich will carry out comprehensive stadium checks on the day of the match.

Through comprehensive monitoring of the corresponding unauthorised secondary market platforms and the initiation of appropriate legal steps, numerous ticket sellers will be recorded, sanctioned and excluded from further ticket purchases.

FC Bayern Munich's claims will, if necessary also be pursued through the courts. The amounts recovered by these means will be donated wholly to the FC Bayern Hilfe eV and thus used for charitable purposes.

In the fight against the unauthorised secondary ticket market, it has been shown time and again that the secondary ticket purchasers are generally the real "losers", as they regularly receive invalid, counterfeit or double-sold and thus invalid tickets. Thus, the ticket touts' greed for profit is directed solely against the "real" fans. FC Bayern Munich is making these efforts to protect these "real" fans.

Through their actions, the touts also endanger those interests of all arena visitors that are worth protecting. FC Bayern Munich attaches particular importance to the safety of all visitors to the Allianz Arena and makes every effort to maintain a socially acceptable pricing structure and thus fair ticket prices. We therefore continue to advise against buying tickets on the unauthorised secondary market, in particular on portals such as eBay, eBay Classifieds or ticket platforms such as Seatwave or Viagogo. Tickets purchased there are categorically invalid. Purchasers of these tickets must expect to be denied entry to the Allianz Arena. FC Bayern Munich therefore continues, with great success, to offer its fans a "legal" or official resale opportunity:

On our official and authorised secondary market platform, all tickets can be offered up / handed on up to four hours before a match. If purchased by another fan, the proportionate amount of the season ticket price will be refunded and where day tickets are concerned, the corresponding daily ticket price will be refunded.

FC Bayern Munich will therefore robustly continue to use all available civil and criminal means against the unauthorised trading of tickets for its matches.

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