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Not many FC Bayern pros featured at the Säbener Strasse due to the international break, but the daily training was demanding. Niko Kovac had prepared sprints and various intense match situations with tough tackles and shots. "We worked very well. It's important to keep up the level and the tension when the others are away," said Sven Ulreich.

The Bavarians had fun despite the high workload. The fans got an insight into the work in the public training sessions. They watched Ulreich initiate a move and rounding it off himself, chipping the ball over his counterpart like a forward. "It worked out ver well. If the coach needs me in another position than between the posts: I'm ready," the keeper said with a grin.

No training until Tuesday

The atmosphere was even better on Friday. Assistant coach Peter Hermann turned 67 and received a serenade from the team. Besides, Bayern now have three days off. "Of course we're looking forward to a weekend off, that's very rare for us. And to relaxing and spending a lot of time with our families," said Ulreich.

The break will be important because Bayern are in for the final spurt of the season. Silverware is up for grabs, and Bayern aim to come out on top in both the Bundesliga and the cup. Bayern lay the foundations for it in the training sessions. Next up is a public session on Tuesday, and Bayern's players will join the rest of the squad soon.

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