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FC Bayern beat Fortuna Düsseldorf 4-1 on Sunday, retaining the lead in the Bundesliga table. "We were alert from the start," commented Thomas Müller. His coach was satisfied with the performance: "The team did a very good job," Niko Kovac said in praise of his men.

Reaction to Düsseldorf v Bayern

Niko Kovac: "We were serious over 90 minutes, we didn't allow many chances, it was the right margin of victory. The team did a very good job, so we're Bundesliga leaders again, and we don't want to give it away.

It's the same calf that caused Manuel [Neuer] problems recently. We'll examine it tomorrow, and of course we hope it's not a major injury."

Thomas Müller: "We were alert from the start. We tried everything and got off to a good start. We'd been expected to win the match and we put it into practice. A compliment to the team, we're satisfied. We had one week to enjoy the victory over Dortmund, but it's also dangerous to rest on your laurels for too long. Today's match was very good for that. We have to keep going like this."

Friedhelm Funkel (Fortuna Düsseldorf coach): "We must admit we had no chance today. FC Bayern turned in a very strong and focused performance and scored two early goals. It's not so easy to bounce back then. The lads tried, but we had no chance today. It's still a great day. We've already avoided relegation, that's fantastic, so I don't want to blame the lads today at all."

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