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Nürnberg missed a penalty before Bayern failed to make the most of a gilt-edged chance in the frantic closing stages of the Bavarian derby. The two sides shared the spoils on Sunday evening. "We struggled today," said Niko Kovac, who regretted Bayern squandering two points in the race for the championship title: "We could have opened up a match ball today, we could have moved four points clear."

Reaction to Nürnberg v Bayern

Niko Kovac: "You could see we had a difficult cup match on Wednesday. Besides, the atmosphere was extremely good today, and Nürnberg did an outstanding job. The spectators really got behind their team. Nürnberg fought for every ball and played and defended with passion over 90 minutes. They've earned the point. We created chances today but we must still be glad we took a point.  We struggled today because Nürnberg did a good job but also because weren't in normal form. It's very annoying, we could have opened up a match ball today, we could have moved four points clear."

David Alaba: "We knew what a chance we had today, so we aren't in the best mood. But we must keep our heads up because important matches await us in the next few weeks, everything's still at stake. I think it came down to many things. First and foremost Nürnberg did a decent job, and maybe the tough matches we've contested over the last few weeks began to show. In the cup three days ago, against Bremen last week. The matches weren't exactly easy. Maybe you could see that today. And if you have a look at the match a 1-1 draw is by and large okay."

Boris Schommers (FC Nürnberg coach): "I think we were on a par at home against FC Bayern over 90 minutes, we allowed very few chances. We didn't freeze in awe, we tried to find solutions again and again. You can't keep Bayern completely away from your goal over 90 minutes. The penalty in the 90th minute could have been the highlight, we would have taken three points, nobody had expected that. This way we deservedly took a point if you ask me."

Christian Mathenia (FC Nürnberg): "It was a perfect day for us until the 75th minute. We were in front against league leaders Bayern, shortly before the end we were awarded a penalty but failed to convert it. It's a shame we didn't reward ourselves. But everyone who was at the stadium today saw our true colours, and we need them to stand our ground in the relegation battle."

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