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Bayern's runaway 5-0 victory against Borussia Dortmund was the cause of huge excitement both on the pitch and in the stands at the Allianz Arena and the players carried on partying in the dressing room afterwards – with the fans joining in on social media. The photo of Thomas Müller, David Alaba & Co. celebrating is the best Instagram post of all time for the record champions with over 900,000 likes.

The top match turned out to not only be a complete success in terms of the Bundesliga table. On Saturday, Bayern experienced the most successful day yet on social networks in terms of reach and interaction. FC Bayern reached over 74 million fans via the official channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and 467 posts generated 7.4 million interactions on the day.


On top of that, Sky also achieved record numbers with the Bayern victory. 2.2 million viewers watched the game live on TV and that does not include people watching in pubs and bars. Never before have so many switched on to a broadcast on Pay-TV.

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