Arian Foster designs shirt for FC Bayern


FC Bayern Munich and legendary Houston Texans running back Arian Foster have teamed up to design a special-edition shirt honoring the 50th anniversary of the historic moon landing during the club's trip to Houston. The shirts were worn by the FC Bayern stars on their arrival in city.

“Everyone who knows me knows I love fashion, which is why I created my own line,” said FC Bayern defender, David Alaba. “After speaking with Arian, I realized his approach is similar to my style, bringing together moments, cities and interests that are close to our hearts in our designs,” he added.

The one-off piece, designed by Foster, pays homage to FC Bayern playing their first-ever game in Houston on the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon. The landmark anniversary and the game against Real Madrid falls on Saturday July 20.

“Growing up, and throughout my career, art, culture, and poetry have been important elements in my life,” commented Arian Foster. “To be able to combine my love of art, fascination with space, one of the world’s biggest teams and mankind’s biggest exploration achievement in one piece is a proud moment for me. And to do this all to represent my city is an honor!” he added.

Foster, Texan’s all-time leading rusher, personally welcomed the squad in Houston who were donning his design, which re-imagined one of history’s most iconic images with a special FC Baern twist.

Fans are able to purchase the special-edition shirt in the FC Bayern’s Online Store now.