BBQ with Schwarzenegger for Bayern delegation

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Hollywood heavyweights and football VIPs came together for dinner in LA - and the menu included Bavarian Kaiserschmarrn cream, just like you get at home: Arnold Schwarzenegger invited members of the FC Bayern executive board headed by CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge to his villa, with the list of 'co-stars' including the likes of Silvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren and actor Chris Pratt. "It was a wonderful evening with a charming host who loves Munich and wanted to know everything about FC Bayern," commented Rummenigge after the dinner in Beverly Hills.

Before Austrian-born 'Arnie' hit the big time in the USA, initially as a film star and later as a politician, he lived in Munich for two years in the 1960s. At the age of 20 he won the 'Mr. Universe' contest and headed off into the wider world, but he remains very attached to the Bavarian capital and is extremely fond of FC Bayern. The 71-year-old was visibly thrilled with the framed replica shirt signed by all the players and presented to him by Rummenigge. "Arnie has always kept his feet firmly on the ground. He's the most normal normal person of them all," declared star chef Alfons Schuhbeck, a friend of Schwarzenegger for more than 30 years and who personally prepared the Kaiserschmarrn as a special gift. "Whenever he comes to Munich, he has schnitzel with potato salad, followed by Kaiserschmarrn. He loves it because it reminds him of his home and his mother,” Schuhbeck reported, revealing that the BBQ in LA featured "a bit of beef, a bit of pork, nothing too fancy in this heat."

At the start of the Audi Summer Tour, Rummenigge joked that Robert Lewandowski had a body like the "Terminator" – and now the CEO has benefited from a first-hand impression. In the final analysis, both the striker and the Hollywood star can be proud of themselves. Schuhbeck, who met Schwarzenegger in a Munich fitness studio back in the day and has trained with him in LA, offered this summary: "If Arnie was at a competitive weight, there would obviously be differences. A bodybuilder has different requirements compared to a professional footballer. But Robert is, of course, a superb pro athlete: perfectly trained and honed for football." Can the FCB players learn anything from Schwarzenegger? Schuhbeck believes they can: "Absolutely. He used to face a lot of resistance, but when he wants something, he makes it happen, with heart and soul. He’s an inspiration, yesterday, today, in the future. And of course the FCB players can take that as a role model."

The Hollywood star will soon make a reciprocal visit to Munich, Schuhbeck confided. Schwarzenegger, who visited the Allianz Arena three years ago and witnessed a 1-1 draw against FC Köln, has promised a repeat appearance the next time his schedule takes him to Munich. "He’s become a real FC Bayern fan," said Schuhbeck. "His catchphrase 'I'll be back' is legendary - and that’s what’s going to happen."

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