Tolisso on Hernández: 'Lucas is a bit crazy'

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Corentin Tolisso is about to start his third season at FC Bayern München – and he wants one thing in particular this term: to win titles! In an interview with fcbayern.com, the World Cup winner also talks about his French team-mates at the German record champions, the Audi Summer Tour 2019 and his favourite position on the pitch.

Interview with Corentin Tolisso

Corentin, you arrived in Los Angeles on Monday, what are your first impressions?
"Up to now everything has been top. We're in a great hotel and the training pitch is very good too. In the first sessions it was about getting the tiredness out of your legs. But it will quickly get harder in the next few days."

What sort of atmosphere are you expecting on the Audi Summer Tour? There are a lot of fans in front of the hotel.
"It's always great to see Bayern fans. FC Bayern are a very big club and we've got fans all over the world. In China, Qatar or here in the USA – everybody knows Bayern. I think we'll get fantastic support over here."

You're now playing with two of your World Cup team-mates of 2018 at FCB with the arrival of Lucas Hernández and Benjamin Pavard. Do you often talk about winning in Russia?
"Together with the other 20 players who won the title, we're like a family. But now we don't actually talk about it that often. We're at FC Bayern now and we want to win titles for this club."


How much did you have to persuade the other two to come to Munich?
"It wasn't difficult. I spoke to the two of them a bit beforehand. They wanted to know about the club and the atmosphere in the team. I told them they'd definitely be happy here. We've got so many great players. Even in training, everybody knows what they have to do and we all get stuck in. Of course, I advised them to come. FC Bayern are a big club."

How would you describe the two of them?
"Lucas is a bit crazy. He plays lots of pranks and laughs a lot. But when he's on the pitch: wow (impressed intake of breath). He's a fighter and always gives 100 percent. Benjamin is a bit calmer but he works very hard. He brings a lot of power with him when he plays. They'll both contribute a lot of quality to our team."

How do you see your role in the team? Where would you most like to play? As a six, eight or perhaps even the number ten?
(laughs) "I only played as a ten at Lyon when we played with a defensive line-up. In general, I prefer the eight because I can go up into the opposition box and also defend. Then I can play between the two penalty areas, box-to-box. I also like the six because you get the ball more often and are more of an organiser. They don't score so many goals in that position – and I love scoring goals. I want to play a key role in our success. So the eight would suit me a bit more."

What do you think the team can achieve this season?
"Everything! We want to win the Bundesliga and the DFB Cup and we know that the fans want to win the Champions League. That's quite normal and the last time we lifted that trophy was six years ago. We have the team to play big games and also to win that title."

What are you expecting from this season? What targets have you set yourself?
"I hope this season will be better than the last. Above all without any injuries. I want to play as many games as possible and become an important player for the team, and that means providing lots of assists and also scoring myself. I've lost a year so I want to work hard and give my all."

You're about to start your third season at FC Bayern. Are you happy here?
"Yes, of course, I love Munich. Not just the club but also I think this city is great. My girlfriend feels really happy here. I get on very well with all my team-mates and the whole of the staff. I feel very good here – but I need to improve my German. That's very difficult. I'm working a lot with my teacher."

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