FC Bayern support the 'Queerpass Bayern' fan club on CSD

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FC Bayern are showing their colours on Saturday in Munich: On Christopher Street Day, where a stand is made against discrimination and exclusion as in every year, the champions of Germany will be supporting the 'Queerpass Bayern' fan club. Around 40 supporters will take part in the procession and FC Bayern will show their solidarity with shirts, balloons and Berni will be on their side. Shirts will have the club badge plus the symbol of the gay association. In an additional expression of solidarity, the Allianz Arena will be lit up in the colours of the rainbow.

"Along with our 'Queerpass' fan club we want to continually make a stand for tolerance and diversity and against racism and homophobia," said FC Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. "Football brings people together and, as an open-minded club, we want to make our own contribution." On the final matchday of last season, the record champions replaced the corner flags at the Allianz Arena with rainbow-coloured flags. Now comes the next act of solidarity on CSD.

"We are very happy about the commitment of FC Bayern. It sends out an important message when a global club like this one takes up the subject of homosexuality. That makes an important contribution to the removal of taboos," said Markus Janke, the chairman of 'Queerpass Bayern'. For over 40 years CSD has been the most important means of communication with the wider public. "It really means a lot to us for FC Bayern to show they are standing with us on a day like this," explained Janke. "We want to present a common image with FC Bayern – campaigns like this send out a wonderful signal that encourages and helps a lot of queer people to break down barriers."   

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