Pavard, Arp and Hernández shirt numbers

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Choosing a shirt number is of great importance to every player, because that player will be associated with that number forever. Who doesn't automatically think of Lothar Matthäus or Arjen Robben at the mention of the number 10? And most Bayern fans instantly remember the names Mehmet Scholl or Franck Ribéry when they hear the number seven. That's why the three new FC Bayern signings - Lucas Hernández, Benjamin Pavard and Fiete Arp - have chosen very special numbers.

Lucas Hernández

Just like when he won the World Cup with France last summer, Lucas Hernández will wear the number 21 when he plays for FC Bayern (shirt available here). The 23-year-old is continuing a tradition, as this number was also worn by a defensive specialist before him. From 2005 to 2016 Philipp Lahm made the number 21 his trademark. The long-serving captain took over the number from Alexander Zickler (1993 - 2005).

Benjamin Pavard

Benjamin Pavard also wore this number in his last three years at VfB Stuttgart. With the number 5, the Frenchman has chosen a classic defensive number (shirt available here). The number has always been associated with well known defenders and has also been worn by some successful ones at FC Bayern. Franz Beckenbauer (1973 - 1976) was one of the first and probably best-known Reds with the number 5 on his back. In addition, Bayern legend Klaus Augenthaler (1978 - 1991) and current assistant coach Robert Kovac (2002 - 2005) wore this number, which last adorned Mats Hummels (2016 - 2019).

Fiete Arp

Some players discover a number at some point and wear it for most of their career. This could also prove to be the case with Fiete Arp, who, like last year for Hamburg, will take to the pitch for FC Bayern in the number 15 (shirt available here). The Munich team's attacking talent follows in the footsteps of Zé Roberto (2007 - 2009) and Sammy Kuffour, who wore the number 15 on his Bundesliga debut in 1994.

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