FCB up the workload: intensive session in Rottach-Egern

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Day two for FC Bayern in the training camp at the Tegernsee lakeside resort. Following the public workout on Tuesday afternoon, head coach Niko Kovac led his team in an intensive training session on the FC Rottach-Egern sports field on Wednesday morning. In a five-stage circuit, the main focus was on improving the team's high-tempo and explosive power. Using dumbbells, weight plates, lead vests and elastic cords, the record champions were pushed to the limit for over an hour. 

"Pre-season isn't always easy, and this is all part and parcel of it. We work hard so we can get into good shape for the whole season," said Niklas Süle, who knows that the weeks prior to the start of the season aren't always a piece of cake. "A training camp always has its good sides, but it's also exhausting and intensive," added Leon Goretzka. "Like last year, we'll use these days to prepare ourselves well."

The FCB pros had to complete two lots of three rounds of the five-stage circuit. Thiago and Javi Martínez, meanwhile, worked individually in the adjacent fitness tent, and Kingsley Coman also took it somewhat easier for load control reasons. The rest of the squad, however, were taken to task in the athletics area. "I think there are better moments as footballers in the season," remarked Süle.

"In America and in the first few weeks we tried to bring our fitness up to a certain level, and still have a bit to do in that department. Accordingly, we'll continue to work on our stamina so we can be more energetic in our activities and still have enough breath left to see it through to the end," explained Goretzka. "We're going to fine-tune this so we start the season well equipped."

The second part of the session was then all about translating the athletic content from the first part into football-specific exercises such as dribbling at pace with directional changes and shots on goal. To ensure the players had fun while doing this, and the competitive character wasn't neglected, these exercises were carried out in the form of relay games. Three teams (red, green, blue) competed against each other and fought a hard battle, from which the blue team emerged as winners, loudly celebrating their success.

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