These are the new rules for the 2019/20 season

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The 2019/20 season will kick-off with some new rule changes. Ahead of FC Bayern's first competitive match this Saturday in the final of the DFL Supercup against Borussia Dortmundfcbayern.com gives you an overview of the most important reforms:

Coin toss/direction of play: As of the coming season, the team that wins the coin toss may choose whether to take the kick-off or determine the direction of play. The first option was not previously available.

Throw-ins: At throw-ins, the opposing players must keep a distance of at least two metres from the spot on the side-line where the throw-in is to be taken - even if the player taking the throw-in is behind the line.

Substitutions: With immediate effect, in order to avoid unnecessary time-wasting during substitutions, the player coming off has to leave the pitch via the nearest outside line, i.e. the most direct route - and no longer at the half-way line as before.

Cards I: Where unsportsmanlike behaviour is concerned, the yellow, second yellow and red cards can now also be shown to coaches and officials. If the referee can ascertain the offender is from a team, but cannot identify him beyond doubt, it is now possible to issue the warning on their behalf to the coach of the respective team.

Cards II: In future, it will also be possible to quickly re-start play at free kicks, even if the referee intends to show a player either a yellow or red card. The referee can now show the card at the next break in play.

Goal kicks/Free kicks: The ball no longer has to leave the penalty area when it has been kicked. The ball is deemed to be in play as soon as it has been touched with the foot and has clearly moved. The same applies to a direct or indirect free kick by the defending team in their own penalty area. Opposing players must keep a distance of at least 9.15 metres.

Defensive wall: In a defensive wall comprising at least three players, all players of the attacking team must maintain a distance of at least one metre from the wall. Non-compliance with this rule will be punished with an indirect free kick. Only players of the defending team are allowed to stand in the wall.

Goal by a goalkeeper: A goalkeeper may of course also score goals. But not by throwing the ball from his own penalty area into the opponent's goal.

Goal following a hand-ball: Any goal scored with the hand or arm will now be disallowed, whether that use was intentional or not. Even if the hand/arm has been used before the goal is scored and an advantage has been gained as a result, the referee will penalise it.

Penalty: The goalkeeper must have at least part of one foot on or above the goal line when the penalty is taken and must not stand behind the line.

Referee: The referee no longer counts as "air". If the ball touches the referee (or another match official) and then goes over the goal line, the possession of the ball changes or an attack is launched, a dropped ball will be given.

Dropped ball: A dropped ball will be carried out with one player only. This is done with one player from the team that was last in possession the ball - at the point where the ball was last played. All other players must keep a distance of at least four metres. If the break in play occurs in the penalty area, the dropped ball is carried out with the goalkeeper.

Back-pass rule: If the goalkeeper, following a throw-in or deliberate pass from a team-mate, has clearly played or tried to play the ball with his foot in an attempt to clear it, he may then pick up the ball.

Time-wasting: In general, time-wasting will be punished much faster and more consistently in the future. Following the whistle, if the player against whom the decision was made or a team-mate does not immediately leave the ball, thus delaying the game, they will be punished. For years, this measure has been practiced and accepted in other sports such as handball, basketball and ice hockey. From now on, in football, the obligatory practice of picking up the ball and holding on to or walking away with it will be a thing of the past. Furthermore, delaying the execution of a throw-in, goal kick or free kick will not be tolerated.

Playing kit: Undershirts may be multicolour/patterned provided they are in exactly the same design/colours as the shirt sleeves.

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