Kovac: We must take our chances

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FC Bayern turned in a good display but failed to defend their title, losing 2-0 to ruthless Borussia Dortmund in the Supercup final. "We invited Dortmund by making mistakes," a self-critical Manuel Neuer said after the final whistle. His coach was not dissatisfied with the performance: "I think we turned in a decent display," commented Niko Kovac.

Reaction to the Supercup final

Niko Kovac: "Of course we're sad we lost the match today. I think we turned in a decent display, not a very good one, but decent. We were dominant, we made two mistakes Dortmund capitalised on. We failed to take our chances, which is why we lost the match. We're in the fourth week of pre-season. It was the first match where everyone played 90 minutes, you can't expect more in this situation. I'm not dissatisfied, of course it wasn't an outstanding performance. We must take our chances and not play into Dortmund's hands, losing the ball and allowing counters."

Manuel Neuer: "I liked the first half, we should have scored a goal. Then we invited Dortmund by making mistakes, as we did when we conceded the two goals. If we had avoided these mistakes we would have had a big chance of winning the match. But basically we're still satisfied with pre-season."

Joshua Kimmich: "They won deservedly, even if they weren't better. We saw two very weak teams in the first half. We attacked in the second half and immediately conceded a goal. Dortmund presented us with a lot of mistakes. The problem was that we made even more mistakes and that Dortmund made the most of these mistakes. The level wasn't so high because both teams made many mistakes."

Sebastian Kehl (Borussia Dortmund head of licensed player division): "We're pleased we won the title of course. We knew the game would be explosive, so we gladly accept the title and hope we'll continue to be buoyed by the elation."

Marco Reus: "It was a good start. The match isn't the right benchmark for the season because both teams are still in pre-season. But it was a watchable match with chances at either end. Bayern had big chances too and should have scored at least one goal. But we were just more efficient today, so we deserved to win."

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