Kovač organises Bayern biathlon

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Burning off energy running, heart rate at 180 and then resting to take aim at a target – that's the fascination of biathlon for many people. A small group of Bayern pros, who have remained at Säbener Straße during the international break, were able to take on that special challenge on Thursday morning. Niko Kovač put Jerome Boateng, Javi Martinez and Thomas Müller through their paces in a Bayern biathlon.

The 47-year-old coach had thought up a very special session and with the help of his fellow coaches he set up a big skills course on the pitch. The players had to cross it at full speed and at various stops prove their shooting ability – if the target was missed then there was penalty loop as in the real biathlon.

Goretzka trains on his own

Leon Goretzka was unable to take part in the challenge. The midfielder continued his rehab training on Thursday morning following an operation on his thigh four weeks ago. As was the case the day before, the 24-year-old completed an individual session with fitness coach Thomas Wilhelmi and this time it also involved working with the ball.


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