Flick: We did what we set out to do - and did it well


FC Bayern got off to a good start to the final spurt before the winter break, beating Fortuna Düsseldorf 4-0 and enjoying a successful dress rehearsal for Tuesday's Champions League match away to Red Star Belgrade. "We put into practice what we'd planned," commented coach Hansi Flick, who was pleased with an "impressive" first half: "It's fun to work with the team."

Reaction to Düsseldorf v Bayern

Hansi Flick (FC Bayern coach): "We're very pleased with the first half. We put into practice what we'd planned. We put our opponents under pressure from the start and showed we wouldn't allow them anything. The team turned in an impressive display in the first half. We had room for improvement in the second half, but that's exactly what we're working on. We lost possession too often then. It's fun to work with the team, the players put our plan into practice outstandingly well."

Friedhelm Funkel (Fortuna Düsseldorf coach): "The team fought, ran and tried to achieve as positive a result as possible. We never gave up, we coped much better in the second half. We had one or two chances we didn't take. This is why we lost 4-0, and we must accept Bayern were clearly better today."

Niko Gießelmann (Fortuna Düsseldorf): "We were too late in the one-on-ones against Bayern's quick and direct play. It's clear you'll be too late at times. We did better in the second half, so it looked better. At the end of the day it's a fair result."