Reaction to Uli Hoeneß' farewell

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Uli Hoeneß will leave German football on Friday evening after almost 50 years. He has been part of FC Bayern for about half a century, shaping the German record champions in various positions. But his work went far beyond Munich. He led the way in German football," said Ottmar Hitzfeld, who won the Champions League with Bayern in 2001. "He's shaped German football like hardly anyone else," stressed Germany coach Joachim Löw. has compiled more statements on the Bayern legend's farewell.

Reaction to Uli Hoeneß' farewell

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (FC Bayern chairman): "If you have a problem, if you're in a real jam, he's there for you. You can't learn this job as FC Bayern manager and director at university. Uli can be proud of his work."


Franz Beckenbauer (FC Bayern honorary president): "I remember well when Uli, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and I were in the stands during my time as president. When I didn't like a match I'd start to sell players in my thoughts. But he always calmed me after the final whistle. Hoeneß brought everyone back on track. FC Bayern is his family. The players are his children. I wish Uli all the best and good health – but he's done well in the last 50 years, he'll also weather the next 50."

Jupp Heynckes (former FC Bayern coach): "Friendship mustn't be a one-way street. Above all, it consists of trust. I trust Uli Hoeneß and vice versa. I like him as a person. When he acts for FC Bayern he hardly knows any friends, you have to know that. He's FC Bayern's DNA. Never one step back, always two ahead. And ever more successful. He's the most successful manager in the world."

Sepp Maier (FC Bayern goalkeeping legend): "The blond angel. Now we have a blond angel, Uli was good-looking. But nobody could stop him once he picked up speed. Like a rugby player, like a steamroller. He was always afraid of his curls getting flattened when heading the ball. If I'm alive at 100 or 110 years of age I'll have Uli to thank. Without him I wouldn't have been around aged 35."

What he's achieved is a fairy tale.

Ottmar Hitzfeld

Paul Breitner (FC Bayern legend): "The only thing I'd like to say on Uli Hoeneß' farewell, regardless of disagreements: He's the only football manager I'd compare to Santiago Bernabéu. What Uli Hoeneß has achieved for FC Bayern is great - similar to what Santiago Bernabéu achieved for Real Madrid."

Philipp Lahm (FC Bayern legend): "Uli Hoeneß has always relied on gut feeling. Now he has the feeling it's time to let go. Uli Hoeneß led FC Bayern like a family business. A great era draws to a close, but another one will begin."

Ottmar Hitzfeld (former FC Bayern coach): "What he's achieved is a fairy tale. It's impossible to overstate. Uli was always omnipresent as manager and president. He led the way in German football. He was always a pioneer for a great many club leaders. I think we can't really assess what German football will miss without him."

Louis van Gaal (former FC Bayern coach): "We had our disputes, but for your farewell I'd like to tell you that you're one of the most important figures in the history of FC Bayern, and that I hold you in high regard for your lifetime achievement. You've turned FC Bayern into the great and well-structured club it is today. Hats off!"


Dieter Hoeneß (brother): "We all know he can't let go completely after 40 years of work for the club. His legacy is incredible. Somebody shaping a club so successfully for so long will never happen again."

Günter Netzer (longstanding companion): "Uli wasn't just a runner, with people saying: let him run, it'll get him nowhere. He was a very good footballer. I was always very grateful when he was on the pitch with me. Back then we had only few choirboys, and Uli wasn't one of them. Passion is the be-all and end-all for him. Otherwise 49 years of this dedication would be inexplicable. Passion is his core trait. That he kept it up for so long impresses me. It's a miracle if you ask me. A truly great man is leaving German football. His legacy is sublime. Pretty unique if you ask me."

Joachim Löw (Germany coach): "He's shaped German football like hardly anyone else. His importance was gigantic. What he's moved at FC Bayern and the successes he has achieved: it's unique."

Hans-Joachim Watzke (Borussia Dortmund): "We often didn't make life easy for one another. But I'm convinced that despite all the disagreements we still had respect for each other. To shape 40 years as FC Bayern manager as you did is absolutely exceptional!"


Dietmar Hopp (TSG 1899 Hoffenheim): "Apart from his passion and benevolence, one of the positive traits for which I like Uli Hoeneß is that he's very modest. And that's a crucial requirement for being able to let go of what he's helped shape, even created."

Christian Seifert (Speaker of the DFL e.V. Executive Committee): "Uli Hoeneß has been a firm, formative part of the Bundesliga for five decades. He celebrated top-level successes as a player, manager and club president and was always in the limelight. By standing down as FC Bayern president, Uli Hoeneß gains time for his family and private matters. I'm extremely glad for him, after all the years in the limelight."

Gianni Infantino (FIFA president): "Uli Hoeneß is an outstanding personality in German football. As a player he thrilled a whole generation of fans with his passion and his goals. He was a pioneer in many respects, he's enhanced FC Bayern and estalished it as a globally renowned club."

Christoph Daum (former Bundesliga coach): "You've never been compliant, but always unique. You weren't born a winner or an attacker, but your sense of justice, your benevolence and willpower have made you the leader in football, on and off the pitch."

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