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A look behind the scenes, important updates about Bayern and, above all, interaction with you, the fans.  That is exactly what the FCB Instagram account is all about. And now we've reached an amazing 20 million followers, thanks to your energetic support. 

The account opened in May 2013, just in time for the Champions League final at Wembley, and has brought you popular content like "#FCBayernFanFriday", "#WallpaperWednesday", player takeovers and "#ShakeWho". 

Still not a follower? Then here's...

10 reasons you should follow Bayern on Instagram now:

1. Because we're always at the heart of the action:

2. And bring you the best images:

3. Because we like to challenge you:

4. Because we bring you closer to the players away from football: 

5. Because we cook together:

6. And serve up the best FCB content:

7. Because we bring you all together for memorable evenings: 

8. Because we've always got Photoshop open:

9. Because we've got real experts in our team: 

10. And because we have a great taste in music: 

Now you're hooked, head over to the world of FCB Instagram yourself and join over 20 million other followers!

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