Thomas Müller on his performance, grocery lists and early morning workouts

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Thomas Müller commented on the Doha training camp at Wednesday's press talk. The 2014 world champion talked about grocery lists and missed duels with Oliver Kahn. fcbayern.com has compiled Müller's most important statements.

Thomas Müller on...

...the training camp: Those players who have been able to complete the sessions have worked very well so far. We focused on fitness in the first few days. It included pretty much everything, circuit training for the whole body, sprint training, runs at 7.30. We've completed three out of four, so we're in the fast lane. The feeling is okay. We broke sweat, but you're supposed to get out of your comfort zone at a training camp.

...early morning workouts: We're doing quite well as a team, even if we ask ourselves whether it's really necessary when we take to the terrace with more or less closed eyes at 7.15. But we've been doing pretty well so far.

...the personnel situation: It's a bit tight in some positions. But we're flexible, we can play in various positions, we always find solutions to remain competitive and achieve our goals.

...Hansi Flick's guidelines: He has clear-cut ideas and wants to see them implemented. It's decisive for a coach to give guidelines everyone has to observe. A guideline is always a form of assistance. When your girlfriend or wife tells you to do the shopping, you know exactly what to do if you have a grocery list. But if she tells you, 'Do the shopping so that we have a nice dinner,' the danger of dinner being ruined is pretty high. Those grocery lists the coaches give us are pretty clear.

Always smiling: Thomas Müller on his way to training.

...the second half of the season: The players are feeling very much at ease. Now it's important to maintain this positive feeling. It's up to us, it's not only about playing nice football or having a clear-cut idea, we must also take a great many points in the second half to achieve our goal of winning the championship title. Our direct duel with Leipzig is right at the beginning, we must be alert from the start. We're under pressure.

...personal duels with Oliver Kahn: Unfortunately I've never been out on the training pitch with him. I came when he left, I began my first pre-season with the pros on 1 July 2008, his last day was 30 June. I would have liked to know how it feels to beat him. Even a great keeper concedes a goal at some point. But maybe he was a bit calmer at that point.

On Wednesday Oliver Kahn visited a Bayern training session in Doha for the first time:

...the first half of the season from his point of view: There was a period when I wasn't satisfied. It isn't a problem when you get off the bench from time to time. But I didn't play for six times in a row. The time wasn't easy, but taken altogether it was a nice half-year for me. It was a test, and I feel I did pretty well. So it wasn't so much of a set-back, I actually feel strengthened and very confident after this situation. It isn't about age, but if you're put to the test in a rather extreme way after so many years, and prove to yourself you've still got it, it's a nice feeling.

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