Rummenigge: I'm deeply ashamed

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FC Bayern chairman and CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge conducted an interview after the final whistle in Hoffenheim in relation to the defamatory banners against Dietmar Hopp displayed during the game and Bayern's solidarity with Hoffenheim in the aftermath.

Question: What are your thoughts on events today? 
Rummenigge: "From the point of view of FC Bayern, I am deeply ashamed about these idiots. I have to say this: as of today, the moment has come when the whole Bundesliga, the DFB and the DFL has to join together and act against idiots like these. Football's ugly side reared its head here today.  I am also deeply embarrassed on behalf of Dietmar Hopp, who is a man of honour and has ensured that not just football but sport across the board in this region has been seen in a positive light. I have also apologised to him. However, what happened in the away end is really inexcusable. This is an ugly side of Bayern at a game that was in fact a great day for our team. There is no excuse for these actions. Everything was caught on camera and we will take the firmest of action against those responsible who tarnished the name of FC Bayern today. At the end of the day, they will be made accountable for their actions. I think what the players did at the end of the game is an absolute show of unity. It was the players' idea after consulting with the referee. There's a procedure that the DFB has laid down, which I think is also very correct."

Question: How can we take action against these sort of things, including homophobia and racism, in the future?
Rummenigge: "I think the Bundesliga, the DFB and all clubs have always dealt with this in a pretty exemplary manner. We must all stand together now. We have turned our backs for far too long, avoiding things in some of the stands, in fact in all of them. We have tolerated far too much and today we have to rethink how to act. We must now take action against it with all our energy and intelligence, but also with all the clarity and strength that football certainly has. I think it is good that the game was finished today. That was actually a clip round the ears for the fans of FC Bayern."

Question: What did you see of Dietmar Hopp?
Rummenigge: "Dietmar was of course very emotional. When you get insulted like that, with words like that used against you, it's very understandable. I could only tell him that I simply apologise. At the same time, however, I am also convinced that a rethink must take place in our country as of today, not only with regard to Dietmar Hopp, he is not the only person who has been insulted in the past. We have to be careful not to lead football into areas where it has no place. Football is a wonderful game in which we all have a lot of fun. But when I see something like today, I'm shocked and all the fun is lost."

Question: What can be done exactly?
Rummenigge: "These people, as they have shown themselves today, have no place in a football stadium anymore, absolutely no place at all!"

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