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Coach Hansi Flick and his team were satisfied with the result after the goalless draw in the top clash with Leipzig. Bayern have now gone unbeaten in nine competitive matches. However, they were annoyed by the course of the match. "The draw was deserved," Flick said after 90 intense minutes at the Allianz Arena. Bayern captain Manuel Neuer said Bayern were considerably stronger in the first half. Joshua Kimmich added after the match against his ex-club: "The tide turned in the second half."

Reaction to Bayern v Leipzig

Hansi Flick: "We have to admit the draw was deserved. We were better in the first half, I really liked the first 25 minutes. We weren't so dominant after that. We made mistakes, invited our opponents and were lucky we didn't go a goal down. We know we still have 13 matchdays, it's a long way to go for the championship title. But that's what everyone wants, an exciting race for the title."

Manuel Neuer: "We're one point ahead. You can't assess whether one team is clearly better judging from this one match. We got off to the better start, we were dominant in the first half. Then Leipzig changed their tactics and we had to adapt. They played man-to-man over the entire pitch, we struggled with that. It was down to one-on-ones then."

Thomas Müller: "We started well in the 20 minutes but failed to take our chances. The problem was that both teams were okay with a goalless draw. It was annoying that we settled for it, we didn't up the pace. None of the teams really took risks from the 70th minute onwards. But we're still one point ahead. We knew turnovers are Leipzig's strength. We deliberately slowed down the tempo but also deprived ourselves of our strengths."

Joshua Kimmich: "We turned in a good display in the first half, especially in the first 20, 25 minutes. We had a couple of chances but didn't finish them well. The tide turned in the second half because Leipzig got off to a good start. We made mistakes. We struggled with our build-up play and resorted to high balls because Leipzig pressed early."

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Julian Nagelsmann, RB Leipzig coach: "It was a good and attractive match. We struggled at the beginning, we were a bit lucky. But then we got a grip, we defended very well and were very bold in the second half. We could have scored two or three goals until the 70th minute, but the same goes for Bayern. It was a deserved draw, both teams can live with it."

Timo Werner, RB Leipzig: "Looking at how we played at the beginning it was just a matter of time until we conceded a goal. We upped the ante after that. We got a grip in the second part of the first half, and we showed our true colours after the break. More would have been possible."

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