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How does a professional footballer currently pass the time? On Friday evening, Bayern superstar Thomas Müller answered fans’ questions in a Q&A on his Instagram account. fcbayern.com summarises the best answers from the Bavarian native.

Question 1: How are you dealing with the current situation?

"It seems threatening, of course. But we must never lose our positive outlook – we have to make the best of the situation."

Question 2: How do you stay positive at the moment?

"There are no slogans that apply to everyone, because many people are in extreme situations, whether they’re families or the many carers - thank you for your incredible commitment! For us it is important to deal with the situation positively. There is no point in complaining about the circumstances. It’s about finding solutions and getting out of this situation as quickly as possible, and at the same time as well as we possibly can. Try to stay positive – we’ll get out of this situation together."

Question 3: You have to stay home right now - what are you currently doing?

"We make sure we catch up on the jobs that have got leftover at home, for example cleaning the rabbit hutch, answering letters or signing autographs. There’s also a lot to be done in our stable. Tomorrow, or the day after, another foal will be born, so we have to prepare for that. Otherwise I play games with my wife and we cook. Normally I’m well looked after at Säbener Straße. Now we’re looking after ourselves - my wife makes great pasta with ham."

Question 4: How much do you miss football?

"I hope we can play again soon. I miss the game and my teammates. But for now, it's the right decision to stay at home."

Question 5: What is currently happening at FC Bayern, and how are the team training?

"We’ve already had something very special three times, a cyber training. It's basically a training session via video chat. We’re connected to the coach, in this case our fitness coach, who is at the Säbener Straße facility. He performs the drills and the whole team copies him. We mainly work with our own weights, or with a spinning bike and treadmills. We’ve already had to do quite a bit of that and we’re still pretty pumped. My abdominal muscles have rarely been as good as this (laughs). We also chat a lot among ourselves, to maintain the feeling of belonging together".

Question 6: What was your best game so far?

"You'll have to tell me. I’ve certainly had plenty of incredibly good games. The most intense moment was the goal in the 2012 Final dahoam against Chelsea - the feeling of scoring the goal the whole city was waiting for in that game, in that stadium, was incredible. Unfortunately, as we all know, we lost on penalties. But I'll never forget that moment."

Question 7: Weissbier or Helles?

"In winter I prefer Helles (lager), in summer I prefer Weissbier (white beer)."

Question 8: What’s your favourite Bavarian word?

"Saubazi! I like that a lot, it only exists in Bavarian. It's not 100 percent positive, but describes a rascal, a guy you like but at the same time want to rub up the wrong way."

Question 9: What’s the last film you watched?

"My wife and I watched Murder Mystery starring Adam Sandler. It was very funny."

Question 10: What would you have been if you hadn't become a professional footballer?

"It was very important to me to graduate from high school, so I had a Plan B up my sleeve. It also helped me a lot that I wasn’t under much pressure to become a professional. Otherwise I would certainly have studied and gone into mathematics, technology or science."

Question 11: What is your main source of strength?

[Turns the camera on his wife Lisa:] "My wife is a very important part of my life, also a source of calm. With her I can withdraw. We live in the country, where I enjoy the peace and quiet. Football is part of show business and there’s a lot of hustle and bustle, so it's important to be able to switch off at home.”

Question 12: What’s your favourite music?

"I listen to everything and would like to be able to play an instrument. Once I finish my career, I’ve totally resolved to learn the guitar. If you keep following me here, you’ll certainly witness my first steps."

Question 13: What’s your favourite form of [Bavarian card game] Schafkopfen?

"Farb-Wenz, it's fun, it’s the most amusing."

In a Q&A, senior managers at FC Bayern answer the most important questions relating to the current situation 👇

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