FCB president Kurt Landauer compelled to resign

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"Kurt Landauer was one of the greatest, perhaps the greatest president of FC Bayern," said honorary president Uli Hoeneß in recognition of Landauer's achievements for the club. The long-standing president of FC Bayern was considered one of the great visionaries of German football during the years of the Weimar Republic. FC Bayern has him to thank for its home on Säbener Straße. In Landauer's long, successful history with the club, however, 22 March marks a dark chapter.

Resignation shortly after greatest achievement

On that day in 1933 Landauer, born on 28 July 1884 in Planegg as the son of Jewish merchants, felt compelled to resign due to his heritage and the new political environment in Germany. FC Bayern hence lost its leading light, with whom the club had celebrated winning its first German championship only nine months before.

You can find out all about FC Bayern's first German championship here:

19 years as FCB president in total

Landauer joined the club in 1901 as a player. Later he was at the helm of FC Bayern in various stages. Between 1913 and 1951 he was club president four times, for a total of 19 years. During this time he excelled in his service to the club.

In the 1950s, in order to save FC Bayern from financial hardship, Landauer wrote numerous personal letters:

1947: Celebrated return to Munich

Following his resignation on 22 March 1933, Landauer was interned in Dachau concentration camp in November 1938, but was allowed to leave it again after 33 days as he'd participated in the First World War. He emigrated to Switzerland on 15 March 1939. After the Second World War, however, he returned to Munich in June 1947. On hearing of the good news, Sport-Magazin reported the following: 'Kurt Landauer, South German football pioneer, has returned from his emigration'.

1961: Death in Munich

Only a short time later FC Bayern once again elected Kurt Landauer as its president. Landauer's last term as club president of FC Bayern came to an end in 1951. Ten years later, on 21 December 1961, Landauer died in Munich at the age of 77.

Induction as honorary president

In 2013 Landauer was named honorary president for his services to the record champions, and two years later the Kurt-Landauer-Platz on the esplanade in front of the Allianz Arena was inaugurated in his honour. Finally, in May 2019, a bronze statue of the former club president was unveiled at the training ground on Säbener Straße.

The statue was ceremoniously handed over with the words "Kurt Landauer is back at the heart  of Säbener Straße.”

Groundbreaking achievements for FC Bayern

"For me personally, Kurt Landauer, with his cosmopolitan attitude was the first modern president," said CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. "He accomplished groundbreaking achievements - and that in a time that was difficult for FC Bayern. I am proud to be the chairman of a club that today stands for internationalism, openness, professionalism and steadfastness, because Kurt Landauer moved us forward with his culture of reconciliation."

FC Bayern is constantly committed to fighting ostracism, abuse and intolerance everywhere. This is our campaign 'Reds against Racism':

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