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FC Bayern has reacted to the incidents during the away game at Hoffenheim and today (Monday) set up an internal commission to look into what happened. This commission will, on the one hand, investigate the events of Saturday and, on the other, draw up measures which will take effect in the short and medium term in cases of racism, abuse, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia and exclusion of any kind.

The commission will work closely with the investigation team set up for this purpose by the Mannheim police headquarters on Sunday and will do its utmost to support it. The members of the commission will also consult the relevant authorities and external experts. In addition, FC Bayern is suggesting a meeting with the DFB, the DFL and all 36 professional clubs to discuss coordinated and joint action on this issue. 

FC Bayern's position is clear: incidents such as the one on Saturday must not be repeated. The club sees it as its social responsibility to stand against discrimination, intolerance, hate, abuse and violence of any form. FC Bayern stands for diversity, tolerance and, above all, for the joy of football.

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