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The FC Bayern pros too must stay at home, but of course they want to keep in touch with you. Serge Gnabry and Joshua Kimmich answered fan questions from social media in a video call, and has compiled the best answers from the pair. You can watch the complete interview as a video.

1. Serge, why do you change your hairstyle so often?

Serge Gnabry: "I'm a very spontaneous person. When I see something I'd like to try out I just do it. And when I don't like it anymore I think about it for two or three days. I didn't like my long hair anymore and said, let's trim it. The sides need some trimming. Fortunately not everyone can see me at the moment."

2. How do you rate each other's style?

Joshua Kimmich: "It suits him very well. He often dresses quite boldly, quite strikingly. It probably wouldn't look so good if I had it. Serge wears it as a matter of course, as if it's the most normal thing in the world, so it seems pretty cool. I like his handbags in particular."

3. How does cyber training work, and what's your impression?

Kimmich: "I must admit I was very, very skeptical at the beginning. But it's fun. It's a good opportunity to stay in touch. Everyone takes part, we can see one another. We work up a sweat and hit the gas. Everyone's going along very, very well."

4. How does it feel not going to Säbener Strasse every day?

Kimmich: "The main thing I miss is training, being around with the lads, being on the ball, playing football again. Or just talking nonsense here and there. I miss Serge too. Of course we hope we can get back to everyday life soon, but now it's just necessary to refrain from certain things."

5. How often do you see your families now?

Gnabry: "My mother lives in Stuttgart, she's still been working recently so she couldn't come around. My father was on holiday in the Ivory Coast and originally wanted to return on 16 March, but unfortunately we had to postpone it. That's why I can't see my parents at the moment. As to the rest, I make a lot of video calls."

6. What's your daily routine?

Kimmich: "We have our training sessions every day at 11. The kids at home usually wake me a bit earlier. And I've set up an initiative with Leon Goretzka. It entails quite a lot of work at the moment. All the donations must be managed, so I'm often on the phone. I also call my family and friends from time to time. Serge calls every day. I'm not bored."

7. Do you use your free time to cook at home?

Gnabry: "I'm trying to get by somehow. I hope Joshua's girlfriend will leave a stew at my doorstep instead of keeping it all for herself. Otherwise I use restaurants and takeaways. I don't cook myself."

Kimmich: "I have vegan burgers from Serge in my fridge. I'm very good at cereal – I'm outstanding at that. We sometimes have a light meal in my evening, then my girlfriend will cook at lunchtime and sometimes in the evening as well. She tends to do it because she's better and quicker at it than me."

8. What has been your favourite moment at FC Bayern to date?

Gnabry: "Definitely the two titles we won together, especially as we played together as youngsters and are now back together in the team. That makes it even more special. And also to have somebody I get along with superbly, it's just always fun. And we're working towards our goals together, Joshua is particularly ambitious there. He often drags me along, I benefit from it."

Kimmich: "When we won the double together, the league title and the cup within one week. Apart from that, we've had a number of cool moments."

9. People often talk about the generation '95 with you two, Leon Goretzka and Niklas Süle. What's still possible for you football-wise?

Kimmich: "A lot. We know we haven't achieved a lot yet. Serge won the U21 European Championship, we won the Confed Cup in the same year, so we've had some minor successes. But of course we want to win big titles, with the national team and with FC Bayern. We'll give it everything to shape an era at FC Bayern with our generation."

10. People need entertainment these days. Do you have a favourite movie, a book recommendation?

Gnabry: "Definitely. My favourite movie is Stomp The Yard. I've started Martin Luther but haven't come so far yet. But I'll probably take it up again out of boredom over the next few days."

Kimmich: "My absolutely favourite movie I can always watch is Gladiator. I like Harlan Coben's books, there are quite a few good ones. And I can recommend a few of Sebastian Fitzek's books. But Coben is my number one."

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