Patrik Andersson: 2001 remains unique

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The one shot to put Bayern on cloud nine! With his indirect free kick converted on 19 May 2001 in Hamburg – that brought the league title to Munich – Patrik Andersson blasted his way into the hearts of Bayern fans and became a legend. The Swede spent two seasons in Munich playing 69 games and scoring this one goal. The club magazine 51 met up with the 48-year-old and spoke to the Champions League winner of 2001 about his memories.

The interview with Patrik Andersson



Hardly anyone could have believed it possible after Sergey Barbarez scored so late on. However, FC Bayern were able to defend their title thanks to Andersson's leveller and the Swede was able to kiss the Schale in 2001 for a second (and last) time after 2000.

Patrik, what are you doing now?
"I live with my family in Stockholm and work in property. But once or twice a year I come to Munich and call in at Säbener Straße."

You made history in Hamburg in 2001. Your free kick in added time gave FCB the league title. That was after it looked like it was lost.
"When HSV made it 1-0 on 90 minutes, we knew we had four or five minutes left. Olli Kahn picked the ball out of the net straightaway and ran forward with it. That was an important sign."

Moment of hope: When HSV keeper Mathias Schober controlled the ball with his hand, referee Dr Markus Merck awarded an indirect free kick to FCB.

Then the HSV keeper Schober picked up a back pass on 94 minutes. How did it come about that you took the indirect free kick?
"Effe decided that. He knew I took a lot of free kicks at Gladbach. There were enough specialists at Bayern with Scholli, Effe and Tarnat. That's why I only really had defensive duties at Munich."

Why didn't Effenberg take himself?
"He tried it before a couple of times in the game without success. Scholli had already gone off, Tanne too – that just left me."


All the Hamburg players tried to block the goal. What did you aim at?
"When Effe touched the ball, I saw there was a gap in the wall. That's what I aimed for. The ball just went through."

It was all celebrating after that – while tears were shed throughout Gelsenkirchen. Schalke thought they were champions for four minutes.
"It was crazy. But that drama is part of this story. The problem was Schalke were given the wrong information and they thought we'd lost."

You went on to win the Champions League four days after the Hamburg game. How do you see your two years in Munich?
"It was the best time of my career. I played my best football and we nearly won everything. Elber, Sergio, Scholl, Kahn, Santa Cruz, Jancker, Zickler, Salihamidzic – the squad was outstanding. Above all else, 2001 remains unique."

Patrik Andersson is right: 2001 was an incredible year! And Giovane Elber also likes to look back to that time:

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