Rummenigge on the resumption of the Bundesliga

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The road is clear to resume play in the Bundesliga. In a video conference on Wednesday, Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed with the prime ministers of the federal states to further relax the restrictions on combating the coronavirus pandemic. According to the government, the Bundesliga can resume in the second half of May, observing a strict hygiene plan - the league itself should decide on the exact date.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said: "I would like to thank the politicians for today's decision, which enables the Bundesliga season to be played to a finish. We are now looking forward to resuming play, ideally from mid-May. This ensures that the sporting decisions are made on the pitch and not in the boardroom. I would like to expressly thank the DFL and the Medicine Task Force for the excellent organisational and medical plans. I appeal to everyone involved to follow the guidelines in these plans, which are the basis for resuming play, in an exemplary and disciplined manner."

Nursing homes are particularly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. FC Bayern offered their support with a sign of solidarity:

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