Virtual treat: Dream goal a turning point on Matchday 2

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Due to the current situation it is still unclear when and how the League will continue. In order to keep their rhythm and stay in competitive shape, Alex Alguacil, José Sánchez and Miguel Mestre from FC Bayern's eSports team are currently undergoing a training boot camp in Spain. There, they are working on moves such as the one against FC Barcelona on 11 January 2020, a goal scored with wonderful teamwork that was deservedly voted the best goal of Matchday 2, and marked an important turning point for FCB's gamers.

Thomas Müller as Lord of the Skies

With a one-two, FCB gamers put themselves in a good position with Leon Goretzka on the edge of the area. With a deft chip, Sánchez had him lift the ball high into the penalty area, where Alguacil approached with Thomas Müller and artistically set the ball down in the centre. There Mestre stood with reserves goal-getter Otschi Wriedt, who the FCB gamers like to use in the eFootball PES Balanced mode, completely free and finished the passing move off. "José played a rather unusual pass that even surprised me. But Alex reacted quickly and all I had to do was tap it in," Mestre says, remembering the goal.

Müller can simply create assists at will. No wonder that he shared this beauty by the eSports team on Twitter:

Emotions bubbling

"We were a little bit insecure at the beginning of the Matchday, after the game day before didn't go so well. You could see that in the initial stages of the game," remembers Mestre. This wonderful goal to equalise, to make it 1-1 just before half-time against FC Barcelona's gamers then led to a 2-1 win and the second game against the Catalans that day was also won 1-0.

FCB are second in the league at the moment, just one point behind leaders AS Monaco. For Mestre and his team, the wonder goal was a decisive moment: "Emotions rose with this goal, it fully motivated us and gave us self-confidence. From then on, we actually dominated both games on that Matchday."

A team effort, a prize shared

Mestre shared the prize money won by the award with his teammates: "I was standing in front of the empty goal and only had to tap in. We agreed before the season that in the event of us winning an individual award, the prize money that goes with it would be divided up - because we play as a team."

FC Bayern have scored wonder goals on both real and virtual turf. Not so long ago, you chose the best real-life goals from the month of May:

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